Heinz Released a Pickling Kit That Lets You Turn Your Cucumbers Into Tasty Pickles in Just 10 Minutes

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During the holidays we typically bake sheets of cookies and roast turkeys for dinner, but who says we can’t start another tradition that we can add to the table of thanks.

Thanks to Heinz, we can make our pickles just like how we make our cookies, from scratch.

Courtesy of Walmart

A large box dubbed the 10 minute Prep Refrigerator Pickling Kit, your fruit will start off as cucumbers until you soak them in brine to make pickles!

Courtesy of Walmart

And let’s just say that this large box of veggies might just take the cake (literally), when it comes to the Thanksgiving table.

Courtesy of @snaxmuncher

Featuring three ounces of room to stuff your cucumbers in, simple soak them in vinegar, water, and pour in one of three spice packets that’s included within the box!

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You can choose between a garlic, spicy or sweet seasoning to make a flavorful and tasty brine.

Courtesy of @dadbodsnacks

And the best part? You’ll have crispy pickles with a large crunch in just ten minutes for the holidays, just incase you forget the deviled eggs for Thanksgiving!

Courtesy of @dadbodsnacks

You can currently find Heinz’s Pickling Kit stocked at Walmart to either make for Thanksgiving or to gift on Christmas for the person who loves pickles.

Courtesy of @dadbodsnacks and Walmart

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