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Why I Am Raising My Daughter To Be Gracious

Being gracious is one of those things that has sort of gone to the wayside in this whole selfie obsessed world. We are often times so focused on ourselves that we forget things like grace.


Gracious isn’t about being graceful. It’s not about dancing with style or being the most athletic. It’s about being kind, nice, and pleasant.

That’s why it was really important to me that my daughter learn how to give people the benefit of the doubt, to assume innocence, and to not make snap judgments based on first impressions.


The truth is, that’s kind of a scary thing in today’s world. To just assume people are good first, without getting all the facts about them. It’s much safer to play it safe and keep yourself guarded from everything, but you can still be careful and be gracious at the same time.

So this is something we are working on in my house.



Learning to accept compliments, to give real genuine ones, and grace in situations. When people talk about others, it’s okay to ask them to stop. It’s okay to be nice.

You don’t have to be snotty.


I have to keep working on grace myself, because it’s not something that just happens. It’s something you have to practice every day, and as long as I lead by example, it’s my hope that she sees the grace.

That she sees it’s totally okay to see the best in others.

Because that’s the very best way to see the best in yourself.