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Dollar Tree Dropped Their Valentine’s Day Collection and You’re Going to Fall In Love

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Y’all, I just made a stop at the Dollar Tree to check out the after-Christmas sale. And, Friend!! You HAVE to check out what I found!!

It looks like Valentine’s Day threw up in their store, and it’s glorious!!

And, the general theme seems to be — GNOMES!!

Gah!! I love it!!

Of course, if you don’t like gnomes — who the heck doesn’t like gnomes?!? — they also have things that simply show someone that you love them.

They have everything from candy, to kitchen stuff, to light up flowers, to these cool heart jars that you can put things in (like jewelry, AMIRITE ladies?!?).

Now, some of the things are part of the new Dollar Tree’s over-a-dollar section, but they are still extremely easy on the bank account.

These would make perfect gifts, not only for the one you love, but for your kids.

(Well, I mean, you love your kids — but you know what I’m talking about!)

Or, your kids can hand little Valentine’s gifts out to their class without making you completely broke.

They even have kitchen stuff!! Towels, cookie cutters, and these super-cute Valentine’s fortune cookies.

You’re going to want to run to your dollar tree like NOW, before the adorableness is gone.

Don’t forget your Valentine’s bags to wrap all your goodies!! They are super cute and festive.

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