Here Are 10 Of The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts That Nobody Wants To Receive — Ever

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There are those good Valentine’s gifts — gifts from the heart that everyone covets on Valentine’s Day. And, then there are the worst Valentine’s Day gifts you can give — hurried afterthoughts that show someone you don’t really care.

Who DOESN’T love to get a beautiful bouquet of lovely flowers or a sparkly diamond ring for Valentine’s Day. Even the traditional box of yummy chocolates — my favorites are from See’s Candies, btw — are a welcome Valentine’s Day gift.

ANYTHING that is thought out, maybe with a little planning, and given from the heart is an excellent gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

BUT, some of the WORST Valentine’s Day Gifts you can give are those last minute, stop by the gas station, regifted things that you have around the house that really say “I don’t care enough to make an effort.”

The worst Valentine’s Day gift you can give someone is something that makes them feel less-than-special.

In my opinion, it’s even worse to receive an afterthought gift than no gift at all. For the love. Make some effort!

Here Are Some Of The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

* A Membership to a Gym or Online Workout Subscription

OMG. *Cringe* There is nothing that says “I think you’re fat* more than an unwelcome exercise gift.

Okay, so you don’t have to get your SO a box of chocolates, but you also don’t have to go 180º in the other direction and give them the gift of a workout.

Now, hear me. I don’t care if they asked for it. I don’t care if you have talked it over. Valentine’s Day is NOT the day to give anything exercise related.

Get the one you love a REAL Valentine’s Gift, and then, if THEY have brought up the topic of a gym membership, you can randomly get it for them on another day of the year — NOT as a gift.

A great alternative would be some really nice flowers that actually say you love them and care about more than their physical appearance.

* An Unwelcome Animal

Sure, animals can be cute, fluffy, and cuddly.

But, they also say “Here is a lifetime commitment that you are now responsible to take care of.”

If you have discussed — in great detail — a certain puppy or kitty, that is one thing. But, to spring a full-fledged animal on someone is NOT a gift that says “I love you.”

You are also doing a disservice to the animal that will probably end up unwanted, in a shelter, or stuck on a chain outside.

For the love of all the things, do not get your loved one a hamster, a mouse, a snake, or a fish — unless they have specifically gone on and on about wanting one.

I’m not talking about those times they mention in passing that they might one day like to have one.

Please make sure they 100% want the creature you are about to get them. Make sure it is something that they will love and cherish.

A good alternative would be a STUFFED ANIMAL that is cute and fluffy.

* An Empty Picture Frame

Sure. Picture frames are nice. But, ONLY if they have a meaningful picture in them!

Don’t be lazy and last minute. Don’t run by Walmart and pick out the first picture frame you find on the shelf.

Print a nice picture — maybe a picture of you and your SO doing something you love. You KNOW you have at least one good picture on your phone! Put it INSIDE the picture frame BEFORE you give it as a gift.

* A Bag of Christmas or Halloween Candy

This not only says you are lazy, but it says you are cheap!

Candy is fine to give at Valentine’s Day, but make sure it is something new and, for the love, in season.

Need some ideas? See’s Candy, Godiva Chocolates, Lindt Creations, maybe Ghirardelli Chocolates, Ferrero Rocher, or even some Dove Chocolates are better than cheap-o leftover candy.

* A Used Gift Card

No. Just no.

I don’t care if you’ve only used $3.95 of that Starbucks gift card. Don’t regift it.

Gift Cards — while a bit lackluster — are fine to give on Valentine’s Day.

But, make sure it is a brand new, never before been used card for something that THEY love.

Don’t just go to Target, and pick the first card you see off the rack. Get something that they will want and enjoy.

* An Open Bottle of Wine or Alcoholic Spirits

If I could roll my eyes into the back of my head, I would right now.

Go to a legit store, and buy them a legit bottle of unopened wine or alcohol that they like!

You can surely open it and drink it WITH them, but leave the opening up to the recipient!!

* An Old VHS Tape

Do they even HAVE a VHS player?

Maybe you found a hard-to-find movie that they really love.

Have that bad boy transferred into a format that they can actually view.

Sure, you can give them the VHS tape, if it’s sentimental, but ALSO have it formatted so they can actually watch the gift you are giving them.

* Cheap, Wilted Flowers

If you go by a gas station or grocery store to get them flowers, I will hunt you down and give you what for.

Valentine’s Day is a day to splurge, not a day to get them flowers as a last minute “Oops, I forgot Valentine’s Day.”

Go to a florist. Go to a florist. Go to a florist.

If you go somewhere local, you can probably pick out a nice, FRESH bouquet to give your loved one.

You can also have flowers DELIVERED to their workplace or home by going to somewhere like 1-800-Flowers or FTD.

There are plenty of online flower delivery services. A quick Google Search will bring up a plethora of choices.

* Dental Products, Cleaning Products, Workout Clothes, Kitchen Gadgets

There might be a time and a place for all those gifts, but Valentine’s Day is NOT it.

Skip ALL of these products, and refer to the flower point above.

* A Breakup

I can’t stress this enough: Valentine’s Day is NOT the day to do the breaking up.

If you feel that your SO is simply not the one, do NOT wait until Valentine’s Day to tell them.

Show some tact and some empathy.

Either tell them WELL before the holiday, or tell them well AFTER the holiday.

A day that is dedicated to love should NOT be associated with a day to break up that love.

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