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Little Caesars’ Hot-N-Ready Pizza Will No Longer Cost $5

Boo!! This isn’t the news I want to hear. I love $5 pizza because it’s my go-to when I don’t feel like cooking and want the kids to be happy and fed.

Well, looks like Little Casesars is the latest victim to inflation because the company announced today their Hot-N-Ready Pizza Will No Longer Cost $5.


The price increase isn’t enough to keep me from buying their pizza but it does suck because every little bit of increase counts and hurts the overall picture of things.

According to Little Caesars, they are selling a “new and improved” version of the beloved pizza, which has 33% more pepperoni and a new price of $5.55 — its first price increase in nearly 25 years.

This is a price hike of nearly 11%.

But Little Casesars wants to remind you that despite the price increase, their pizza is still sold at the “country’s most affordable price” compared to Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

So, what do you think? Does this extra cost put a damper on your budget?

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos.