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Old Navy Is Putting An End To Separate Pricing And Sections For Plus-Size Clothing And I Am So Happy

Old Navy is in the business of selling some clothes, and let me just tell you, they have a new customer in me.

I am of the fluffy figure persuasion. I’m working on it, but the struggle is real, y’all.

Usually when us full-figured beauties go to a clothing store, we have to go to a special fat person section. We are the outcast of the clothing world.

But, Old Navy just came down from the heavens, and gave all us chubby ladies a reason to shop in their stores!

And, get this — they are going to sell sizes over 14!! WHAT?!? Who can I kiss for this?

Old Navy will end its practice of separate plus-size sections for women’s clothing in stores and online and begin offering all of its women’s apparel in sizes 0 to 30.

CNN Business

You mean, I don’t have to head to a little corner in the back. An area reserved for tents, drapes, and other garb that clothing producers label as “plus size?”

Thanks to stores like Torrid, who have paved the way for a plus-size, CUTE, younger person clothing market, we can actually shop for CLOTHES now at Old Navy. And, when I say clothes, I mean something I just might not be embarrassed to put on my body.

Pretty much the only viable option we had before was Lane Bryant. And, while they carry some hella cute clothing, they also carry a STEEP price point.

Lane Bryant

Starting FRIDAY, Old Navy will incorporate plus-size clothing into their NORMAL-size sections.

And, get THIS, the price will be the SAME for all clothing!!

Now, all you people that want to fire back, “but they use more fabric in plus-size clothing!!” Do you think we aren’t painfully aware of that fact? We are. Let it go.

Old Navy is also switching up its mannequin displays to reflect sizes 4, 12, and 18!

This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but it is a HUGE announcement for those of the tubby persuasion.

So basically, I’m going to be at Old Navy on Friday when they open! I need me some cute jeans and a stylish blouse to go with them!

Thank you, Old Navy, for being conscious of those of us who want to shop in regular stores, but for so long have not been able to!