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The ‘Fake Celebrity Death’ Trend Has The Internet Divided

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Nobody likes to hear the news that someone has passed away. It’s super sad and depressing, right?

BUT, when that death is of someone you have loved from afar for YEARS, the reactions can be over the top.

(Can you tell what kind of music I like??)

I remember when my first celebrity crush died — River Phoenix. I cried for a week.

Now, adult kids are telling their parents that their favorite celebrity has passed away in the “Fake Celebrity Death Prank,” and it’s causing a damn-near meltdown!

Talk about a vicious prank!

It’s pretty much all good when the people find out it was just a joke.

But, for just a moment suspended in time, it is devastating to people.

I really can’t decide if this is super funny or incredibly mean. LOL!

All you have to do is hit up the hashtag FakeCelebrityDeathPrank on TikTok to see all the reactions.

What do y’all think? Are y’all going to pull this prank on someone you love??

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