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This Leaf Collection Bag Is Like A Giant Dust Pan That Makes Your Fall Cleanup A Breeze

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You can get a ginormous dust pan, of sorts, to help clean up all those leaves that fall off the trees every autumn.

I noticed it yesterday when I was driving down the highway. The leaves are starting to change from green to those breathtaking fall colors, and it’s about to be my absolute favorite time of year!

As much as I eagerly wait for the change of the leaves every year, there’s also something I dread. Once those leaves turn those vibrant colors, it is only a matter of time before they fall off the trees. It’s time to get ready for leaves EVERYWHERE.

Raking up all those leaves is one of the things I hate to do! You have to get them in piles, and then somehow get them into one of those huge trash bags. It’s a total pain-in-the a$$.

You have to see this contraption — which I’m calling a huge dust pan — that helps you easily scoop those leaves right up into a trash bag.


It is actually called the CSDust2 Leaf Collector Lawn And Garden Bag, and it will cut your messy leaf clearing time in half!

This Leaf Collector is a pop-up multipurpose garden tool that you rake the leaves right onto, and then scoop the leaves into the trash just like a giant dust pan.


And, you don’t have to just use it for leaves. It will help with all sorts of cleanup!!

Our Garden Waste bag is the best choice for recyclables, leaves, branches, grass, trash, yard debris, and other garden waste and easy transfer to the dumpster.


Made of water repellent polypropylene woven fabric, this Leaf Collector Lawn And Garden Bag is really durable and resists tearing.

It has reinforced double-stitched handles, and is super lightweight — less than a pound. This makes picking up and carrying leaves to your trash bag super easy.


You can even insert this Leaf Collector right into your trash bag, and sweep the leaves right up into the bag. Gah! This is a game-changer!!

It made such short work out of picking up my back yard. I blew leaves in a corner of our property and then laid this thing flat and just raked the leaves on top of it, folded it like a taco and dumped into my plastic bags. It took about 20 minutes what normally takes an hour. I love this thing and highly recommend.

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This Leaf Collector is cheaper than you may think! It sells for just 29 bucks, and it is the best thing you will invest in this fall!

You can get your own CSDust2 Leaf Collector Lawn And Garden Bag on the Amazon website.


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