If You Ever See A Man Paint One of His Fingernails, Here’s What It Means

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I grew up in a different time, back then guys in the punk scene often painted one or more of their fingernails, usually black.

These days there is a whole new reason that some men are painting one of their fingernails.

The trend isn’t new, however, it is getting noticed because it has spread from Australia to the rest of the world and the meaning is something important.

Image Credit: elliotcostello

Years ago Elliot had traveled with his team from Hagar International to Cambodia where he met a young girl named Thea.

Thea loved nail polish and she painted all of his nails blue while she shared some of her life with him.

What Thea told Elliot would impact him in such a way that it changed his life. She confided in him her story of being sexually abused.

I’ll always keep this nail painted to remember you and your suffering.

Elliot Costello
Image Credit: Polished Man

This was the beginning of the ‘Polished Man’ project. The ‘Polished Man‘ project has been a full-fledged organization now for the past 10 years.

They are doing what they can to help end this violence against children.

Image Credit: Polished Man

Did you know that one in five children under the age of 18 will suffer sexual abuse?

Image Credit: zacefron

The challenge of painting one fingernail out of five represents those children. This is a great way to spark a conversation about a huge issue that many seem to be blind to.

Over the past 10 years, they have raised over $8.7 million!

This money is used to fund programs to help break the cycle of violence. What an amazing organization!

Image Credit: polishedman

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