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This Mom Glued 800 Ornaments To Her Doorway To Make The Most Glorious Christmas Decoration Ever

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I am more than ready to go full-out Christmas, and put out every Holiday decoration I have — Tree, Holly Branch Trim, Front Yard Decorations, Lights — it’s all going up!!

But, there is one mom on TikTok that totally wins the Christmas decoration challenge, and now I want to do the same thing!!

Anne McSherry doesn’t joke when it comes to making a big splash with the Holiday decorations — ornaments to be exact.

Usually, people save their biggest Christmas decor for the OUTSIDE of the house, big and bold and ready to be seen by all passersby on the street.

Home Depot

Not Anne. She used 800 (EIGHT HUNDRED!!) Christmas ornaments, chicken wire, floral wire, and a plain ol’ hot glue gun to make the BEST decoration right in her house.

It is a doorway fit for Santa himself.

Anne McSherry

She used her skills to fashion the chicken wire into a door frame, and fashioned those Christmas ornaments all the way around it — and it is magnificent!!

Anne calls it the DIY Ornament Arch, and what an awesome arch it is!!

Anne McSherry

The ornaments are an eclectic mix of colors and designs, but she manages to fit them all in beautifully.

This video took over my life during lockdown … I took it down in sections and wrapped it up … hopefully it’s still in good shape for this year

Anne McSherry
Anne McSherry

How does one even go about procuring 800 ornaments?

Thrifting and sales!!

Anne McSherry
Anne McSherry

And, she had help. You can see other adults and kids getting into the archway project in the video.

We got Christmas ornaments super cheap after Christmas last year.

Anthony Raffety
Anne McSherry

You might be wondering how she managed to attach the chicken wire securely to the wall.

I got tiny eye hooks and used them but you could use cup hooks. Command I don’t think would work because of the weight.

Anne McSherry

The finished archway is glorious!!!!

Anne McSherry

Need a bunch of ornaments? If you don’t have time to make it to a thrift store, Amazon has a giant selection of Bulk Christmas Ornaments.


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