This Pizza Dough Can Be Grilled To Take Backyard Barbecues to the Next Level

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Backyard barbecues are always a must-do every summer season.

So forget the usual meat and vegetables on a kebab that might be your go-to grilling recipe and take your family barbecue to the next level.

What’s dubbed the Outdoor Grilling Pizza Dough, this package stuffs a pizza dough mix that’s made with wheat flour, salt, and yeast and can be cooked entirely on the grill!

That’s right, pizza dough that’s made to be grilled rather than baked in the oven, this pizza dough is simple to make.

Courtesy of @liz_ird

Simply add water to the pizza dough mix, and did I mention that this dough only requires a little kneading to get things rolling?

Courtesy of @liz_ird

With just a little kneading with the knuckles and a couple of flips to make each side evenly toasted, don’t forget to add the necessary ingredients to make your pizza well, a pizza!

And if you’re asking me, you can never go wrong with the classic marinara sauce, cheese, garlic, mushrooms, peppers, and sliced red onions.

Courtesy of @liz_ird

So what are you waiting for?

Put that pizza back on the grill so it can finish cooking with the rest of the ingredients you’ve layered on top.

Courtesy of @liz_ird

You can also count on each pack to make two 14-inch crusts.

Therefore, if you’re planning on grilling pizza for a family get together, make sure to snag more than one pizza dough pack!

Courtesy of @liz_ird

You can find the pizza dough mix online for under ten bucks a pack!

Now, who wants pizza?

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