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Black Bottom Pools Are The New Trend For People Who Have A Dark Soul

Just hold on one second… this might just be the most brilliant idea since black leggings. Yes, I went there.

So, you know how there are all these crazy trends for pools? Shipping Container Pools, Sand Pools and of course, Stock Tank Pools.

Well, let’s add a new trend to that list… Black Bottom Pools.

Yesssssss – these were MADE for the person who has a dark soul!!

A Black Bottom Pool is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of a traditional white, blue or concrete bottom the bottom of the pool is black.

If you ask me, it is giving off total black hole vibes but I totally LOVE it!

While I love the look, I would totally be worried about what lies inside the pool. I mean, snakes and other critters (maybe a serial killer with a scuba mask) could just be waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack! Ha!

But seriously, I am digging this look. Besides, it would probably always make your pool look clean even when it’s not.

So, what do you think? Is this Black Bottom Pool trend here to stay or nay?

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