Dear Parents, Please Keep Your Kids off Social Media Right Now

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Dear parents, please keep your kids off social media right now.

Now, I am normally not one to give into the fear mongering but I think we all know, social media can be quite a toxic place especially for growing minds.

And if there is any time to keep your kids off of social media, it would be now and for the next week or so.

Now, if you haven’t heard, last weekend Hamas launched a surprise attack in Israel, killing more than 1,200 Israelis and taking an estimated 150 people hostage. The entire situation is heartbreaking.

And now that today is Friday, the 13th, it has become a ‘Day of Rage‘ and news has reported that Hamas is planning to livestream beheadings on social media.

Nobody knows when or if they actually will but the threat is there and that is enough to be worried about children being online right now.

Now, you’d think that social media would have content blockers and filters to prevent this type of content from being shown.

While they may have some things in place to quickly take down and remove videos like this, some videos get through the cracks and even being broadcasted for 2 seconds is too long.

Once your child see’s something like that, there is no going back.

Seriously, just think of the irrevocable damage it could cause to a child to see something like that. Honestly, it could cause damage to anyone, any age.

There are news sources saying it may start today (Friday, the 13th) or happen this weekend. Honestly, it could happen any time but with the attacks on Israel and the ‘Day of Rage’ talks all over, it makes for an even scarier time to be online.

TikToker Killer Bee Tactical covers events like this and often talks about the dangers for children on the internet. He’s a former detective and spreads awareness to parents to keep their kids safe.

You can watch his video about this below. Please share and keep your kids away from social media and the internet!!

@purepower34 @Killer Bee Tactical Hamas to start broadcasting the execution of hostages. Please monitor your kids internet access. #momsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #safetytip #kids #Israel #Palestine ♬ original sound – Killer Bee Tactical

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