People Everywhere Are Staying Home Today with Looming Fears of ‘Day of Rage’

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Today is Friday the 13th and while many see this as a superstitious day either bringing good luck or bringing misfortune, others are using this day as a ‘Day of Rage’ and it has people everywhere opting to stay home today.

What is the Day of Rage?

Friday, the 13th has been given the name of Day of Rage among some groups as a day of widespread protest, demonstration, or civil unrest. For this particular day in 2023, The Israel National Security Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Hamas leadership has “called on all of its supporters around the world to hold a ‘Day or Rage’… (Friday, 13 October 2023) and attack Israelis and Jews.”

So, how does something like that affect the US and other countries?

Well, the attacks have been posted on social media and people everywhere are taking this as a day to protest and be violent across the world.

Many cities across the US have posted stated they are having increased security and police activity due to these potential threats.

People all over are also posting on social media (many on X formerly Twitter) expressing their feelings and thoughts surrounding the outrage of the day saying things like:


So, what can you do?

Well, if you want to ensure you and your family are safe. Stay home. Just avoid any public places as you may not know if there are terrorist groups planning on attacking today.

And keep your kids off of social media and away from anything that could potentially expose them to harmful content. There are rumors circulating that there may be live streams of beheadings and other terrorist acts. Please keep your kids safe!

It is a sad truth that you just never know and with everything going on in the world right now, it’s probably better safe than sorry.

I plan to keep my family and I home today just to be safe.

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