Fortnite is Down After The Season 10 Black Hole and Kids Everywhere are Freaking Out

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No collecting Loot for a while.

Woah – what a whirlwind of emotions for teens everywhere…

Fortnite is Down After The Season 10 Black Hole and Kids Everywhere are Freaking Out!!!

fortnite is down after the season 10 black hole and kids are unhappy

Fortnite has become one of the most popular online multi-player games especially among teens. In fact, teens have devoted hours and hours playing the game but looks like they’ll need to get their loot fix elsewhere for a while because Fortnite is currently nothing but a black hole…

Seriously, if you head over to the Fortnite website right now, you’ll see this:

the season 10 black hole from the popular online game fortnite

Yup, just a black hole.

And naturally, players are FREAKING OUT.

Earlier this afternoon as players played as usual, a black hole appeared in the game and the entire map was wiped from the game by being sucked into the black hole.

Truthfully, I only know about it because my 9-year-old about lost his shi* over it when it happened.

He still is freaking out, wondering when he will get to play and if his progress will return…

For now, nobody knows IF and when Fortnite will return. Rumors have spread that Fortnite posted publicly on social media saying it was the end (basically for good) but those tweets and posts have since been deleted.

This was posted on Facebook by Fortnite:

“This is the end”.

The good news is, we can air out our kids rooms while the game is down. Oh, and make our kids go out and get some vitamin D.

So, what do you think? Is Fortnite down for good? And is your kid freaking out?

is fortnite down for good, and are you kids losing their minds?

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