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You’ll Be Able To See April’s Super Pink Moon Tonight. Here’s How.

It’s almost time for another Supermoon! This month we had the Super Worm Moon, sadly we didn’t have clear weather to get a good view. Too many clouds and so much rain!

For April we have the Super Pink Moon! It is supposed to be the brightest and biggest supermoon of the year. I sure hope we don’t have rainy days for this one! I think we could all use a bit of beauty right now!

Not to burst your bubble or anything, but it isn’t actually a pink moon. The reason they call it the pink moon has to do with how the timing corresponds with the ‘phlox subulata’ wildflower blooming which is also called ‘moss pink’.

On Tuesday, April 7th the Super Pink Moon will rise. The best time for viewing will be at 10:35 pm EDT. It will appear full for a few days after as well.

If you want to take photos of the Super Pink Moon, grab your biggest lens available and a tripod. Use your timer or a remote so that you don’t cause camera shake for the clearest shots!

Shirle Allen

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

You sound like one fantastic busy lady!