You’ll Be Able To See The ‘Full Worm’ Supermoon Monday. Here’s How.

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Everyone loves a great view of the moon. There is just something magical about it. Well, this month we get one of those fancy Supermoons!

The moon affects so many things around us! The tides, moods, and there are some other things that people don’t think are real, but I beg to differ.


I once read a book called “Life as We Knew It“. In the book, the moon was knocked off of its axis by an asteroid. Everything changed. EVERYTHING.

It’s written like a diary and It is a really good read, I’ve read it 3 times over the years!


If you are interested in how the moon relates to things here on Earth, and what could happen if something happened to the moon, you should read it.

Totally Teen friendly too.

So what makes it a Supermoon? A Supermoon happens when a full moon matches up with the moon’s closest approach in its orbit to Earth. It is about 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger.

You have all of these different gravitational forces pulling and pushing on the moon, which gives us opportunities to have these close passes.

NASA’s Noah Petro, deputy scientist of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission

The ‘Full Worm’ Supermoon is 2020’s second-closest full moon.


The ‘Full Worm’ Supermoon will look full to the naked eye on both March 8 and March 9, 2020.

If you have a good telescope or a super-duper zoom lens on your camera, you’ll have the best view!


I know I’ll be out with my camera if the weather cooperates! I hate using tripods, but it is pretty necessary when trying to get a good shot of the moon. So make sure you get that setup and ready!


The crest of the full moon falls on March 9 at 17:48 UTC which is 1:48 p.m. Eastern, or 12:48 p.m. Central. ENJOY!


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