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Nothing Says Love Like A Hairy Sasquatch Heart-Shaped Box Filled With Beef Jerky For Valentine’s Day!

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I want this. Someone tell my husband immediately! Skip the flowers and chocolate, this girl wants beef jerky!


Yep, it is almost Valentine’s day! Can you believe it? It’s time to pick out the very best gifts to give the ones you love and for some of us, that is meat!

They even have a coffee mug filled with Jack Link’s treats as well!


I have a feeling this is aimed more towards men, but some of us ladies like beef jerky too! And look at that hairy heart-shaped box!

It’s so different and cool!


I can think of plenty of people in my life that would get a huge kick out of this big hairy heart-shaped box that is full of beef jerky!

Think of your friends that have restarted Keto for the New Year! They will love you so much more for this!

Jack Links does make some amazing tasting beef jerky!

The front of the box reads “Love Struck By Cupid” and “Meant Fur You” with an image of your favorite jerky eating Sasquatch holding one of Cupid’s arrows in his mouth!


Then of course they made it even more awesome with the box being covered in Sasquatch “fur”.

Inside is where the real prize is! It’s filled with the original flavor Jack Links jerky. The only thing that would make this better would be the teriyaki flavor!


Pair with an “Assquatch” and you have the perfect gift for your favorite person!

You can get this Jack Links Sasquatch Valentines filled with beef jerky at Target!


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