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Is Starbucks Open On Christmas? Here’s What We Know.

It’s that time of year, hot drinks rule once again… especially hot coffee drinks from Starbucks!

The kids love to grab a hot chocolate, but for me, it is all about the hot coffee to warm these old cold tired bones.

There is a Starbucks in just about every area near me and I’m so thankful to know they can keep me going throughout this holiday season.

Sometimes you just need to get a special coffee to get you through the day and a peppermint mocha served in a red cup sure does do the trick for me.

Normally on the day of Christmas Eve, we head out for a special Starbucks for myself and all of my girls.

One time we even ran into Renée Zellweger getting hers with her own family, however, I didn’t even notice her until afterward because I hadn’t had my coffee yet ha!

Is Starbucks is open on Christmas Day 2021?

Christmas morning I usually manage a tray of cinnamon rolls and a pot of coffee to get me through those morning hours.

But after that, I really just need out of the house for a short break and a tasty drink.

I’m excited to tell you that some Starbucks locations will indeed be open on Christmas day!

Of course, you will want to check your local locations before heading out, you can do this by using the  Starbucks App and the Starbucks Store locator.