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You Can Get Churro Whipped Dairy Topping And My Morning Coffee Just Got A Little Sweeter

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Oh, Aldi. You always have the best finds.

I will admit, I don’t go to Aldi all that often. BUT, whenever I do, I always find the coolest things!

Look what I just found hanging out in the creamer section of the Aldi refrigerator.

It’s canned Churro Whipped Dairy Topping, and, YUM!! How awesome is that?!?

I l.o.v.e. whipped cream on top of my coffee — usually iced. Sure, it’s great to make your own, but I never have the time to sit and blend myself up a batch in the mornings.

I’m too lazy, or I don’t have the ingredients, or I’m just too lazy.

But, this Churro Whipped Dairy Topping is so stinkin’ convenient. Just grab it out of the refrigerator, squirt a hefty dollop on top of your coffee, and VOILA!!

I bet you didn’t know that you could be your own Barista! Move over Starbucks!!

Now, this Churro Whipped Dairy Topping is less than 3 bucks a can, which is just right for your “just because” budget. You HAVE to try it if you love your daily coffee with a little “oomph.” It’s delish!!

I found it on the top shelf of the Aldi refrigerated section that has the cold coffee creamers. I almost missed it! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

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