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Ghost Energy Drinks Is About To Drop A Rainbow Sour Strip Flavor Collection And I Need Them All

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This sounds so stinkin’ delicious…

One of my favorite candies on the planet are those rainbow-colored sour strips.

So, when I found out that Ghost Energy Drinks is coming out with a Sour Strips Rainbow flavor, I immediately thought, “Yes, Please!!”

Fans of Ghost can expect just the same energy and focus-enhancing experience as they usually get in a Ghost soda, including a gram of Carnipure, 200mg of caffeine, and only ten calories.

But, it’s not just the Ghost Energy Drinks that’s getting this boost of Sour Strip flavor.

This tasty collab will be available in Ghost’s pre-workout powder: Legend, Pump, and Size.

It’s about to get funky up in here with the sour flavor of Rainbow Sour Strips.

Y’all, are you as pumped about this collab as I am? Gah!!

Now, you don’t have to wait long to get your Ghost Energy Sour Strip fix.

These Ghost Energy Sour Strip Drinks can be picked up on the Ghost website this Saturday starting at 1pm/12pm CT.

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