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Candy-Covered Hams Are The Hot New Trend for Easter That Nobody Asked For

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Move over, Honey Glazed Ham.

You can make Candy-Covered Ham for the most tasty Easter ever.

Reynolds Wrap

Let’s think outside the box, here. I know the tradition is a plain-ol’ crockpot ham.

But, let’s expand our ham recipe repertoire by just a little bit, and throw in a bit of that candy the Easter Bunny brings to your door.

Reynolds Wrap has come up with, not one, but THREE different ham recipes that use various candy, and they actually sound REALLY good!

So, grab your 8-10 pound bone-in ham, your jelly beans, sour gummies, homemade lemonade (Or, buy it at the store. I’m not here to judge), orange juice, marshmallow fluff, and mini marshmallows, and let’s get to getting.

This is gonna be fun!

Three Candy Ham Recipes

Reynolds Wrap

First up is the Jelly Bean Candy Ham.

This ham consists of a glaze made out of jelly beans and orange juice.

Reynolds Wrap

Sounds weird? They promise it’s tasty.

After glazing and cooking the ham, you finish it off by sticking jelly bean skewers into the back of the ham.

Yummy and totally adorable — not a word you usually use to describe ham. LOL!!

Reynolds Wrap

Next, we have the Sour Candy Ham.

This one has definitely piqued my interest. I love ham. I love sour candy. What could go wrong here?

For the glaze, you’re going to melt the sour candies in with the lemonade.

Reynolds Wrap

You finish this one by draping rainbow sour strips over the top.

If you want to peel your rainbow sour strips off the ham, and shove them in your pie hole before you eat the ham, I won’t tell anyone.

Reynolds Wrap

Finally, Reynolds Wrap has come up with Marshmallow Ham.

This ham has a marshmallow fluff and butter glaze.

Reynolds Wrap

Okay. That sounds delicious.

They finish off the ham by pressing colorful Marshmallows — maybe Peeps — into the top of the ham before serving.

Reynolds Wrap

What do you think? Will you try one of these Candy Hams?

I’m headed to the store to buy sour strips and lemonade!

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