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Starbucks Is Permanently Ditching Straws For The Strawless ‘Sippy Cup’ Lids On All Iced Drinks

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I was a little bit shocked, when I went to pick up my Iced Venti Caramel Macchiato with Cinnamon Dulce today, and they didn’t hand me a straw.

Courtesy of Starbucks

I found this a little bizarre, because, HELLO, the Caramel Macchiato is a layered beverage, with all the espresso at the top.


When I questioned them about this, they told me that they were no longer using lids with straws. They had replaced all their flat cold beverage lids with the “Sippy Cup” lids — you know, the ones that allow you to sip the beverage directly out of the cup.


Apparently, Starbucks has started making this change, and by the end of this month, all their stores are going to have these “Sippy Cup” lids.


“Recyclable, strawless lids for customers across the U.S. and Canada is another step in our journey to reduce our environmental footprint,” said Michael Kobori, chief sustainability officer at Starbucks. “As we move closer toward our 2030 target of a 50 percent reduction in waste sent to landfills, the long-standing history of innovation within Starbucks, partnership across the industry and changing consumer behavior remain fundamental to our purpose and our prosperity as an organization.”  


Starbucks has been trying out these lids for the last year, slowly rolling them out to stores to “test,” so odds are, you have already experienced the new lid design.


They are going to this new design, of course, to shift away from single-use plastic, and to try to save all the straws from ending up in landfills.


This is just speculation talk, but some have suggested that Starbucks may go to a paper straw option. This is definitely an option, as they want to make this big push away from single-use plastics in all their stores.


Now, just a side note, they will still have their domed Frappuccino lids, and THOSE require straws.


So, if you REALLY want a straw, they can still provide you with one. You just have to ask.


Run to Starbucks, and try out these new lids with a Pumpkin Cream Doubleshot, which we created, and placed right on the Starbucks Secret Menu. If you like pumpkin, you will LOVE this drink!

You can also read more about the Starbucks Strawless Lids Here.

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