Guess What? Jeff Bezos is Stepping down As Amazon’s CEO

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Holy crap! This is major news!!

It was just announced that Jeff Bezos is Stepping down As Amazon’s CEO!


What the what?!

According to reports, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos will step down from his role as chief executive (CEO) later this year and transition to the role of executive chair.

The CEO role will be replaced by Andy Jassy, who currently heads the company’s cloud business, Amazon Web Services.

Jeff has been CEO since 1995 and I am sure that many of us did not see this coming.

While a statement has been made, I truly wonder why he is stepping down? I mean, Amazon’s business is booming especially right now during the pandemic.


So, is he just done or is he being pushed out of the role of CEO?

Of course, people are already coming up with all sorts of reasons why it may be:

As of right now that is all we know but this is just crazy!

You can read the announcement via Amazon here.

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