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So, Noah Cyrus Looks Like She Is Wearing A Giant Coffee Filter At The Grammy’s

I’m sitting here watching The Grammy Awards with my teenage daughter. I only know a few of the people they’ve shown so far, but then I spotted Noah Cyrus and what on earth is she wearing?

hautelemode – Twitter

It looks like a coffee filter, or a crumpled up bed sheet…

Someone (her daddy) said she looked like an angel in that dress and I’m just not seeing it. I know these stars pay a fortune for their clothing, but why?

hautelemode – Twitter

I went to twitter to see what others were saying and apparently I am not the only one that thought her dress was just some huge mess of some sort.

Ambro – Twitter

I’m not quite seeing a pillow, but seriously… is anyone seeing angel? I think Kelly from Twitter got it right… roll out of bed… oh dang, it’s the Grammys!

Kelly – Twitter

For real, can you imagine having to sit behind her? Thank God for social distanced tables so you have some space!

uosᴉɹɹɐƃ – Twitter

I would love to know your thoughts! Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are you wondering what the actually ef is that?

Ha, a duvet cover! I’m dead… seriously though, what do you think?

Riff Rat – Twitter