You Can Now Get Starbucks Crocs for The Person Who Loves Their Starbucks Coffee

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It’s no secret that Crocs have come back into fashion.

What was once a 90’s shoe, is now a more popular footwear than ever before.

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For those of you who can’t stay away from Starbucks, and who could blame you, you can now be completely decked out in Starbucks gear from your head, and now down to your toes.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Thanks to Etsy shop owner @Claudiahango, Starbucks crocs now exist!

Made for coffee fanatics, this pair of shoes are completely decked out with Starbucks’ graphics.

Courtesy of @Claudiahango

From cake pop graphics, to the famous PSL, hot coffee stickers, and matcha, these custom-made Crocs make a statement that says you simply can’t live without caffeine from the coffee chain.

You can also count on the Starbucks logo and the name of the chain to be printed largely on both the right and left shoe!

Courtesy of @Claudiahango

Waterproof and lightweight to wear, these Crocs are also customizable with charms like the rest of the Croc footwear line.

Might I suggest a coffee cup charm or a Starbucks’ breakfast sandwich to decorate your Crocs?

Courtesy of @Claudiahango

You can currently find the pair of Starbucks’ Crocs online at Etsy!

Courtesy of @Claudiahango

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