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The McDonald’s McRib Is Returning and I’m Hungry Just Thinking About It

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It had a big ol’ Farewell Tour last year, but McDonald’s just announced that the McRib is coming back yet again.

I know a ton of people who just let out a cheer.

Can you believe, I’ve never actually had a McRib? Maybe this will be the year I give in and try one.

I mean, it looks pretty good. Fresh sliced onions, crispy pickles, tangy barbecue sauce, boneless pork, all on a crusty roll.


Is it worth it?

Now, before you get too excited, there’s something you need to know.

The McRib will only be available at a select few participating McDonald’s locations.

You may not be able to just roll on up to your favorite McDonald’s to get your McRib fix on.

McDonald’s has not announced exactly which restaurants will see the McRib come out of retirement.

We will have to just wait, wish, hope, and pray that we will be one of the lucky ones who get to experience McRib again.

You might be wondering WHEN the McRib is dropping back into McDonald’s restaurants.

We don’t have to wait long! The McRib is coming back to participating locations in November.

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