Here’s How We Can All Help Stop The Spread of The Coronavirus

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This can be summed up in 2 words: Self Quarantine.

We need to slow this virus down.

We need to give the healthcare workers the chance to get on top of the coronavirus.

Right now, if this virus keeps growing at the rate it is expected to without interventions in place, it will completely overwhelm the healthcare industry, and they will not be able to handle all the cases thrown their way.

By self quarantining — as horrible as it may sound — we will slow the momentum of the coronavirus.

Why? Well, we won’t be around each other to spread the virus.

This will give the health industry the time they need to get on top of this mess.

Even if you don’t reduce total cases, slowing down the rate of an epidemic can be critical,” wrote Carl Bergstrom, a biologist at the University of Washington in a Twitter thread praising the graphic, which was first created by the CDC, adapted by consultant Drew Harris, and popularized by the Economist. The chart has since gone viral with the help of the hashtag #FlattenTheCurve.


Working from home may just be the wisest choice you can make!

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