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ColourPop Is Releasing A Baby Yoda Palette and Have It I Must

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Baby Yoda continues taking the world by storm! Every time I see a new Baby Yoda product, I have to have it! Recently I found the Mandalorian Monopoly and the Baby Yoda Bean Bag Chair, which I, of course, need both!


But now…I’m drooling a little bit. ColourPop has just made my year by introducing a makeup palette inspired by Baby Yoda!


How could you NOT want to get your hands on this?! On top of being obsessed with Baby Yoda, my favorite colors are green and gold. So I am in heaven here!


According to their page:

The galaxy will never be the same! Introducing ‘the Child’ Palette inspired by the Lucasfilm series, The Mandalorian on Disney+. Launching on October 29th at 10am pst.
The Child Palette: Monochromatic olive green palette features a mix of mattes + metallic shades! The Child stole our hearts so we created the cutest olive green, limited edition palette in the galaxy!


I am ESTATIC! The only downside of all of this? Palettes like these go out of stock almost immediately. So to get your hands on one if these, you’re going to have to be fast and fierce!


So are you planning to stalk the ColourPop page with me this week? If so, comment below! Also tell me which of the palette’s colors are your favorite! I am OBSESSED with ‘The Force’!


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