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A Tiny Island in Italy Is Giving Away Goats to Anyone Who Can Catch Them. Here’s Why.

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I miss my goats, we used to have so many on our little goat and chicken farm. They’re such fun creatures to have.

Right now on a tiny remote island in Italy called Alicudi the wild goats are about to outnumber the amount of residents! This is a huge problem.

There are only about 100 humans living on the island, and there are about 100 wild goats. This is not a good balance.

I’ve watched my goats drop twins and even triplets often, so that number will grow faster than the human population.

Right now the goat population is 6 times what is ideal. The mayor, Riccardo Gullo is asking for help.

He told CNN that he doesn’t even care if you have goat experience, he just needs people who can catch them and have a boat to transport them off of the island.

They are calling this the “adopt-a-goat” program.

You may be thinking how wonderful it would be to have so many cute critters running around, but this is causing havoc on the tiny island.

They are knocking down stone walls, destroying gardens, and overrunning public parks.

They are tearing up the yards of residential homes, and goats (especially wild goats) can cause harm if they feel threatened.

The goats were brought to the island 20 years ago by a farmer, who then set them free.

Now they are wild and reproducing and there are just too many for the tiny island of Alicudi to accommodate.

Right now they are hoping that they can find someone to come in and capture and remove about 50 goats. They are asking for official requests to be submitted by April 10th, but will extend if needed.

To apply to become a goat wrangler and adopter, you will need to email a request to the local authority and pay about $17 US dollars to make the request official.

I’m pretty good at wrangling goats, who has a boat?

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