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Adam Levine Is Returning To ‘The Voice’ For Blake Shelton’s Final Episode

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I am super excited about this news — and it has to do with The Voice!

Guess who is coming back for Blake Shelton’s final goodbye.

Adam Levine!

Of course, a farewell to Blake Shelton wouldn’t be complete without a final adieu from his long-time frenemy, Adam Levine!

We saw them together season after season on The Voice, and their back and forth vying for the top spot was always a hilarious good time.

But, then Adam left — and the world of The Voice was left with a gaping hole in its traditional tongue-in-cheek rivalry between Blake and Adam. Sad Times.

Sure, Blake was able to give a good ribbing to the rest of The Voice cast, but it just wasn’t the same as the Blake / Adam duo.

Now, after twelve long years, and 24 seasons, Blake is making his exit from The Voice.

Side Note: I just don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the show again. Blake and Adam were definitely my favorite judges.

This show has changed my life in every way for the better, and it will always feel like home to me.

Blake Shelton

Before Blake says goodbye, it is only fitting that Adam and Blake — and their frenemy bromance — be reunited. I can’t wait!

Not only are Blake and Adam going to be reunited one last time, but Maroon 5 will premiere their new single — “Middle Ground” — on the show.

The Voice will say goodbye to Blake Shelton on May 23rd. Entirely too soon, right?!?

Make sure and tune in to see Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as best-bud, frenemies once again.

You can see a quick preview of “Middle Ground” HERE.

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