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Chocolate Covered Pickles Are The Hottest New Dessert Trend And I Have To Try Them

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I’m just going to say it. Chocolate Covered Pickles don’t sound that appetizing to me — like at all.

But, sometimes the most disgusting sounding things are actually really tasty.

I’m looking at you, Grape Punch Pickle Beer. (Trust me on this one)

So, I’m willing to try Chocolate Covered Pickles.

It might be just one bite, but I’m willing to try it.

I first heard about these little chocolate nuggets of sour pucker on TikTok. Where else, right?!?

Here’s How You Make Chocolate Covered Pickles

There are basically two ingredients — and I bet you can guess what they are.

Pickles and Chocolate.

First, it is important to melt your chocolate. You can use something like a Hershey’s chocolate bar, or you can use those chocolate melts that you find on the baking aisle.

Put the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave it for 20 seconds at a time. You’re going to want to stir it after each 20-second interval.

You’ll know when the chocolate is ready when it is nice and runny — the consistency of what you’d use for chocolate covered strawberries.

Next, you want to choose your pickle. It’s all up to you — you can choose bite-size pickles, pickle chips, or huge pickle spears.

Most people are using dill pickles, but you can try out several flavors. Sweet pickles, bread and butter pickles, spicy pickles — it’s up to you!!

I might get crazy and use a Claussen Kosher Dill Sandwich Slice. After all, it’s the best pickle IMHO.

The important thing is that you cover the pickle in the melted chocolate.

You can pour the chocolate over the top, all fancy like. Or, you can keep your melted chocolate in a bowl, and dunk the heck out of your pickle.

Once your pickle is covered in chocolate, you’re going to spear that pickle and plop it in your mouth.

Here is where it gets real. Do you love it? Do you hate it?

If you try these Chocolate Covered Pickles, we HAVE to know what you think!!

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