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Fried Cheese Pickles Are the Next Hottest Food Trend and It Sounds Deliciously Crunchy

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever had pigs in a blanket.

The hottest new food trend on TikTok has been inspired by pigs in a blanket and is going viral for two major reasons that includes cheese, and the iconic pickle.

TikTok users all over the social media app have been wrapping cheese around whole pickles, which is the same technique used by the infamous pig in a blanket dish.

And while this new food trend is surfacing around hundreds of thousands of “for you pages”, the real question you must ask before trying it yourself is, what’s not to like about combining pickles and cheese?

Courtesy of @iricksnacks

Your answer, nothing; so let’s proceed on to the drool-worthy details of the thing.

sCourtesy of @iricksnacks

Starting with a pan, you’ll need to grab shredded cheese, a jar of pickles from the fridge, and a spatula.

Courtesy of @iricksnacks

Once the pan is hot, lay down a thin layer of shredded cheese onto the pan and let the cheese melt together which will create the “blanket” that you will be wrapping your pickle in.

Courtesy of @handcrewgear

Once the cheese has hardened enough on one side you can begin to wrap your pickle on the pan while the cheese is still hot; so what are you waiting for, start wrapping!

Courtesy of @handcrewgear

Once you’re finished, you should end up with what should be called “pickles in a cheese blanket” but for now, the food trend has been dubbed fried cheese pickles.

Courtesy of @handcrewgear

Pro Tip: With every bite, listen to the satisfying crunch from the cheese and your pickle.

Courtesy of @handcrewgear

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