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A Versace Pool Float Exists That is So Fancy, It Has to Be Dry Cleaned

Well, I mean… I like pool floats and it’s always fun to have a lot of them, however…

I tend to shop a bit cheaper, well actually a lot cheaper than this…

This pool float is not for people like me, but if you have the money to spend on it and want it, I’m not going to shame you for it.

Saks Fifth Avenue

This Versace pool float is for the classy broads, something I am not haha!

It is covered in the iconic Versace signature baroque print that even poor folk like myself can recognize.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Versace was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace in Italy, so of course, this luxurious pool float is made in Italy.

The Italian label has always been known for its luxe, bold clothing and accessories… lots of gold color, bold prints, and in my opinion… quite a bit gaudy looking, but I’m not a fashion guru.

Saks Fifth Avenue

One thing that totally made me know it wasn’t for me (besides the price) was the fact that it has to be dry cleaned… um, what?

A pool float that has to be dry cleaned… I have never heard of such a thing, then again I order my pool floats on Amazon, or pick them up in the seasonal aisle at local stores.

Saks Fifth Avenue

It’s a pretty good size, the diameter measures about 40.55 inches.

You can buy your own Versace pool float for $250 from Saks Fifth Avenue, meanwhile, I’m going to go sit in my plastic kiddie pool and shotgun some beers.