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This Disney Halloween Tree Is Pure Disney Magic and I Need It

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There is a Bradford Exchange Disney Tabletop Tree, and it is — wait for it — HALLOWEEN Themed! *Squee*

I am such a child. Ha! Every bit of my house is done in Disney, with a bit of Snoopy and Charlie brown thrown in for fun.

I have a Christmas Disney Tabletop Tree, but I haven’t had the chance to even know the Halloween trees existed. I LOVE THEM.

They are so adorable!! And, they are not-so-scary, which is right up my alley as far as Halloween goes. You can keep your scary!! Give me all the pumpkiny cute Disney things!!

The Disney Halloween Tree has 11 Disney characters. Can you find and name them all??

Holidays have always held a special meaning to Mickey Mouse and friends. But one that has an important place in their hearts is Halloween. It’s a time for Trick or Treating naturally, but it’s also a time when that unique Disney magic is on full display. Now you can showcase a tribute to that special magic with the Disney Trick or Treat Tabletop Tree, licensed from Disney and available from The Bradford Exchange.

Bradford Exchange

Did I mention? This tree also light up! Gah! There are over 35 LED lights that can illuminate your doorway when the Trick-or-Treaters come to call.

Three AAA batteries are needed to make this tree light up, but they are not included. Make sure you have some on hand, because you will want to light this tree up as soon as you get it!

You can get your own Disney “Trick Or Treat” Illuminated Halloween Tabletop Tree right on the Amazon website. There are very limited quantities, and it will run you $135 plus $19 for shipping.

If you need to, you can even pay for this super cute tree in 3 installments of $45 each! You simply can’t pass this up!

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