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82 Degrees Is Now The Recommended Temperature Setting For Summer And That’s Just Not Going To Work For Me

So you’ve all seen it right? The “suggestions” about our thermostats this summer? Um….no.

It’s summer. And I live in Texas. 100 degree weather is VERY normal here. And no matter the season, I want to feel like I’m living in an icebox at bedtime so I can snuggle under the covers and pretend I’m hibernating.

But a group of “experts” are saying we need to set our thermostats at 78 during the day, and 82 (EIGHTY-TWO) during the night.

Yeah…uh…no. Talk about night sweats.

This is unfortunately not a joke.

A consumer report by Energy Star (a Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency program) recommended this for energy efficiency. But it’s hot every year.

So…I think I’ll be taking my chances. I’ll enjoy my cool the way I like it until it…blows up?

Not really sure what’s going to happen if I don’t endure 82 degrees at night. But I do know I’m willing to find out.

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