This Map Shows The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy And To My Surprise, One State Voted For Candy Necklaces

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The way we say “I love you” has adapted over the years.

Showing someone you care used to be by card or with a bouquet of flowers.

Now, you can show your loved one you think they’re swell with bacon rose bouquets or even buying a heart shaped tray stuffed with chicken nuggets.


Whatever your usual Valentine’s Day gift you give to your crush, there’s one tradition that never goes out of style and that’s with good ole’ fashioned chocolate.

Whether it’s chocolate strawberries, chocolate candy, chocolate truffles or the old fashioned box of chocolate hearts, I bet you didn’t know that 45 out of the 50 U.S. states prefers plain old chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

More specifically, chocolate strawberries are the most preferred candy on Valentine’s Day.

Coming in at second place, chocolate roses and M&M’s tie for silver and if we’re talking about brands, Dove Chocolate triumphs over Lindor.


Surprisingly California voted for candy necklaces as a preferred gift for a romantic night on Valentine’s Day but the real question is, are those even still around?

Whether you choose chocolate strawberries at the end of your four course meal or Dove Chocolate to set the mood, nothing will ever beat saying “I love you” verbally to your significant other.

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