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Move Over Flowers, Bacon Rose Bouquets Are The New Way Of Saying “I Love You”

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Handing over a bouquet of roses to give to your Valentine is so, last year.

Therefore, if you really want to “dress to impress”, a bouquet that your loved one can sink their teeth in, is way more intriguing don’t you think?


Similar to a dozen of real roses, this edible bouquet has a satisfying smell, more like a scent that makes your mouth water actually.


Introducing bacon rose bouquets, an edible bouquet your Valentine can eat on hearts day.


Bacon bouquets are a savory way to treat your loved one and if you’re looking for a fresh idea to surprise your spouse with, I suggest you start taking copious notes.


The only ingredient you’ll need is of course, bacon and you can start by rolling thick cut slices of the savory meet while plunging toothpicks on either side to hold the rose shape.


Keep in mind that while you roll your bacon, make sure that the red side is facing up to create the illusion of a rose.


Next, preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 22-25 minutes or until the outer edges look crispy and the bacon is a shade of deep red.


While your bacon is cooling for 5-10 minutes, head on over to the Dollar Store to pick up a dozen artificial flowers, you’ll be using the stems later.


Once you’ve run your errand to the Dollar Store, carefully remove each rose petal but leave the stem.


Set one bacon rose on each individual artificial stem and soon enough, you’ll have a dozen bacon roses to neatly place in a vase awaiting the arrival of your partner to return home from work!


Now who’s to say you can’t also surprise your loved one with a dozen roses that are real, once your partner has eaten all 12 of the bacon roses.

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