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The CIA Just Released The UFO ‘Black Vault’ Documents. Here’s How You Can See Them.

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Ohhhh, remember when the Pentagon officially released the previously leaked UFO videos? Well, this is even better!

You can now access the Federal intelligence of extraterrestrial technology online! Yep, common people like you and I can now go check it all out thanks to the Freedom of Information Act!


There are thousands of CIA documents on UFO’s and UAP’s that are now accessible to us all. You can download them and dig into it as long as you want.


If you ever need a distraction from something, look to the skies and check out all of this information. The CIA says that this all of the information they have on UAP’s, but is it really?

Research by The Black Vault will continue to see if there are additional documents still uncovered within the CIA’s holdings.

John Greenwald promised in a statement on his website Black Vault

I don’t know if you already knew, but in the recent COVID-19 relief bill, there was a date given for the Pentagon to release the information. This is so early, I didn’t expect it to happen so fast.

A CD-ROM of federal intelligence on extraterrestrial technology, obtained by the Black Vault’s John Greenwald Jr.
The Black Vault

The CIA compiled the information onto a CD-ROM (shown above) and John Greenwald Jr. was able to obtain a copy. He has uploaded all of it to his own website and you can download it as PDF’s.


This is so exciting!

The CIA has made it INCREDIBLY difficult to use their records in a reasonable manner. In my opinion, this outdated format makes it very difficult for people to see the documents, and use them, for any research purpose.

Greenwald told Vice’s Motherboard while speaking of the outdated CD-ROM format

This is now available to download at the Black Vault, which is the website operated by John Greenwald Jr. If you need a friend to study it all with, maybe you can pick up one of these alien buddies!

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