You Can Get Giant Gummy Bear Pool Floats And I Call Dibs On The Purple One

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Amazon has the CUTEST Gummy Bear Pool Floats, and I need one in every color!

Have y’all heard that ANNOYING Gummy Bear song that all the kids LOVE? When I saw these Gummy Bear Pool Floats on Amazon, I TOTALLY song bombed myself with that song. What’s it called? An “Ear Worm?” Ha!

Crazy song aside, I love everything having to do with Gummy Bears!! They are tasty, cute, they grow if you put them in juice,* AND they make the PERFECT lounging in the pool inflatable floats!

These adorable inflatable gummy bears come in four different colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Purple. I need every single one of them.

Chew up the competition with this sweet treat. This candy-inspired pool toy is designed for play and comfort and will keep you cool all summer long. Made from long-lasting durable vinyl, it has a built-in headrest for maximum comfort.


Keep your little ones safe at the lake, the river, wherever they like to swim, with this super unique water raft from Swimline – it’s sure to be the most interesting float at the pool this summer.


You can get these über cute little guys right on the Amazon website. They start at $26 for the purple one (which is my personal favorite), and go up to $69 for the green one.

Don’t ask me why there is a difference in price. I have no idea. Maybe the green is harder to get?

Don’t settle for one of those boring pool toys, when you can have something that’s twice as fun. For a tasty-looking water treat that will help beat the heat, check out this deliciously fun raft that will help you to set the tone for an even sweeter summer.


These Inflatable Gummies are made by Swimline — the same company that brought us floats like the Swan, the Watermelon Pool Float, and this cool Rocking Unicorn Pool Float. If there is a cool float, Swimline probably makes it!


*Vodka Gummy Bears Make The Coolest Adult Beverage Little Shooters!

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