This Giant Watermelon Slice Pool Float Is EVERYTHING Summer NEEDS!

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If there is one thing that makes the pool even more fun, it’s the perfect pool float. And this watermelon slice pool float is everything you’ve ever wanted in a float.


(You can get it from Target here.)

It looks great in your pool.

And it’s summer perfection. One of the things that is SO frustrating about pool floaties is that your friends end up on the other side of the pool and you have to yell to talk to each other!

Not with watermelon slice. With the watermelon slice, you can FLOAT TOGETHER.

It’s SO good. And the middle is this cool clear-ish translucent red color, so it looks extra awesome.

If you only buy one pool float this summer, the watermelon slice pool float should be it. Oh and it’s less than 25 bucks over at Target RIGHT NOW. (Click here to get it.)


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  1. You have the CUTEST dog to go with the CUTEST pool float!! Nuggs is so lucky.

  2. LOL, I love that your toe polish matches the float. It looks very comfortable. Thanks for posting!