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You Can Turn Orange Peels Into Candles That Burn for Hours During a Power Outage

Uh-oh, a power outage.

Immediately we search for candles that are burnt out and battery powered lamps that were left behind with dying batteries.

Since we can’t catch a break while searching for some type of light during a power outage, if you happen to have a few oranges lying around the house finally, let there be light!

For starters, no orange peels were wasted in the making of these candles.

Cut the oranges in half, spoon out the guts but leave the center stem behind.

Eat the guts and carefully scrape the peel clean around the center stem.

Pour olive oil about halfway in the orange peel.

Light the center stem which will act as your wick after giving both the peel and stem ample time to soak up the oil; each orange peel candle will burn for four to five hours at a time.

Courtesy of @rosz_ink

The more oranges you have the longer light you have illuminated inside your home!

Rather making lemons out of lemonade, make oranges into candles!