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You Can Get A Realistic Looking Alien For When You Just Need a Buddy

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So the government finally confirmed the existence of UFOs, which of course means aliens too right? I think alien decorations could go over very well this Halloween, beam us up PLEASE!

Ria Morgan – Amazon Reviewer

I mean, you really don’t have to save them for Halloween! I could use a friend or two. You could set up these aliens anytime and anywhere! Need a buddy for car rides? Here you go!

Ria Morgan – Amazon Reviewer

In December we lost our beloved aliens in a house fire. We decided we couldn’t wait til our home was rebuilt to replace them and are very happy we did. Kevin and Paul were part of our family. BTW They do not swim, do not put them in water, took a week in the sun to dry them out after they decided to try out the pool.

Fun at parties or for everyday enjoyment. Won’t invade and very friendly. Kevin does have an issue with keeping his clothes on but I don’t believe it’s a species-specific trait, only personal preference. Just a word of caution, having two in the same home will cause them to mate resulting in offspring and stomach explosions. Keep them away from humans when they are incubating.

Ria Morgan – Amazon Reviewer
Ria Morgan – Amazon Reviewer

He would definitely be the best road trip buddy! You could talk as much as you wanted without being interrupted! I doubt he would try to control the music, he would just set there looking, well… like an alien.

MATT – Amazon Reviewer

My children rarely allow me to take photoshoots of them anymore, I bet my new alien pal would be ready for a photoshoot anytime that I was! He probably wouldn’t care about location or clothing choices either.

MATT – Amazon Reviewer

From reading the reviews, it seems like he is down to do whatever! Hanging out watching movies? Road trip? Car show? A game of pool? Whatever it is, this alien dude is ready to party!

Eric N. – Amazon Reviewer

The alien prop is foam filled and is 4 feet 5 inches tall. From what I can tell he does not stand up on his own and his backside is flat and unfinished. You can purchase or build a stand for him though.


Everyone seems to be pretty happy with their aliens, some have even purchased more than one. You can get your own alien on Amazon for only $182.10! I think I really want one! If I get one, what should I name him?

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