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White Claw Now Makes Flavored Vodka and You’re Welcome

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If you’re not a big fan of seltzer drinks, White Claw hears you.

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As someone who doesn’t prefer seltzer drinks (cocktails are more my style), White Claw has finally stepped out of the bubbly beverages and expanded to more of a smoother taste.

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What’s dubbed White Claw Spirits, the beverage brand has turned their famous drink into an entire new line of flavorful vodkas you can pop open on girls night.

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And each bottle per White Claw’s website, is filtered with a pressure that’s equivalent to a 30 foot wave, for a smooth finish you know?

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Featuring three new flavored vodkas including Pineapple, Mango, and Black Cherry, each bottle is colorfully decorated by the corresponding flavor.

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And if you’re looking for the Mango flavor, simply look for the orange cap or if you prefer Black Cherry purple is your match and Pineapple, yes you guessed it will be bright yellow on the shelf!

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So if you prefer a shot with the girls for a fruity flavor or a mixed drink paired with their original vodka without the flavor, these four new bottles are great for both scenarios.

And if you ran out of vodka to pair with your cocktails at home, you can find the new line of vodka from White Claw currently nationwide.

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