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Hailey Bieber And Selena Gomez Pose Together For Photos Putting Those Feuding Rumors to Rest

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Yes. Selena Gomez dated Justin Bieber for quite awhile before he married Hailey Bieber.

Since their wedding, the rumor mill has had a heyday with the gossip surrounding the Justin, Hailey, Selena “love triangle.”

One of the rumors was that Hailey started dating Justin before he broke it off with Selena.

A rumor which Hailey vehemently denies.

When [Justin] and I ever started like hooking up or like anything of that sort, he was not ever in a relationship ever, at any point — It’s not my character to mess with someone’s relationship.

Hailey Bieber

The most common bit of gossip is that Hailey and Selena are in a feud.

A lot of the hate, and the perpetuation, comes from the misperception, ‘Oh, you stole him.’ It comes from the fact that they wished he had ended up with someone else and that’s fine. You can wish that all you want but that’s just not the case.

Hailey Bieber

BUT, these pictures taken at the Academy Museum Gala of Selena and Hailey seem to put those rumors to rest.

Photo credit: Tyrell Hampton / Academy Museum Gala

The pair can be seen cheek to cheek, looking glamorous AF in the flash of a camera as the photographer snaps photos.

Photo credit: Tyrell Hampton / Academy Museum Gala

Honestly, does this look like a couple of women who are embroiled in a nasty feud? I think not.

Photo credit: Tyrell Hampton / Academy Museum Gala

They kinda look like best friends just hanging out and having fun at the Academy Museum Gala.

Photo credit: Tyrell Hampton / Academy Museum Gala

Hopefully this will do just a bit to slow the rumor mill. They are grown adults, and seem to be dealing with the situation as grown adults do.

It’s good to see them so happy — each in their own lives.

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