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You Can Get Pringles Potato Chips That Taste Like Sweet Corn With Butter And I Need Them Now

Without a doubt, my FAVORITE kind of chip is the Pringles. I have to watch myself, because I can buy a can, and eat the entire thing in one sitting.

Courtesy of Pringles

BUT NOW, they have gone and made a Sweet Corn Potato Chip, and everyone is saying it tastes just like corn on the cob with butter on it.

Courtesy of Pringles

OMG!! Am I the only one that loves a tasty roasted corn on the cob soaked in melted butter on a hot summer day. There is just about nothing better! *Drool*

I have GOT to check these out, and taste the ridiculously good flavor of the sweet corn!

Can you believe these are a potato chip? Weird, huh! I expected them to be a corn chip!

Courtesy of Pringles

If you are heading to your local grocery store to pick up this gem, WAIT!! It is a very limited flavor, and it is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE AT WALGREENS.

I’m going to have to buy a couple cans, and have my husband hide them from me — or they will be GONE — In My Belly.

That sweet and rich flavor from the butter along with the fresh corn itself, and as strange as you may think this sounds it really works well! Overall I love this Pringles chip flavor, I couldn’t eat it everyday but it sure is a great occasional snack!

i_need_a_snack on Instagram
Courtesy of i_need_a_snack on Instagram

So, you are going to have to race me to Walgreens, because I’m not against pushing a person or two out of the way, to get my hands on these Sweet Corn Pringles chip!

Courtesy of Pringles

If you are fan of the corn on the cob AND Disney — as we all should be — you should totally check out these Mickey Mouse Gloves Corn On The Cob Holders! I’ve already bought mine.

Courtesy of shopdisney