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Disneyland Paris Is Opening A ‘Frozen’ Themed Park and I’m Packing My Bags

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I have never been to Paris, but now I feel like I need to start planning a vacation now! Disneyland Paris is opening a “Frozen” themed park in 2023 and I am so excited!

Disneyland Paris

According to Disney Parks, this expansion will include the snow-capped mountain of Arendelle in the distance behind a beautiful lake.

Credit: Walt Disney World

It will also have a replica of the Frozen Ever After boat ride that is at Epcot. This ride will take you to the center of the kingdom.

They say the lake will be 7.5 acres! The lake will be where you can watch water-based shows while seated in seats that offer a 360-degree view of it all!

I have read that the area will also include a new restaurant, a shop, and character encounters.


So like, if I start saving now I could totally pull this off, right? I think my daughters would love it! Who am I kidding? I WOULD LOVE IT. I will do it for me!


When the first Frozen movie came out, I was invited to the Red Carpet event and learned a lot about the things that happened behind the scenes.

The amount of research and real-life experiences they put into gathering the details for the movie was amazing.


The filmmakers of Frozen even visited the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City! The ice hotel served as inspiration for Elsa’s ice palace in the movie. It is such a beautiful place and I hope one day to see it in person!


I have no doubt that this park expansion will highlight the same level of wonderful details. So gorgeous!

So who is ready to go to Disneyland Paris with me in 2023? So like, maybe we can get a group discount or something? I’ve got big dreams, right?

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