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You Can Get Snow Plow Croc Charms, Because Why Not?

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Snowplow Croc Charms exist, and you have to check these out!


If you are not a fan of Crocs, you have probably never tried on a pair of Crocs.

Once you have experienced the Croc, you will never want to go back to boring “normal” shoes.

They are like the perfect shoe. Easy to clean, super comfy, and have a convenient slip-on design.

The only problem with Crocs is that they can be a little rough in the snowy weather.

BUT, not now!!

You can get Snowplow Crocs Charms to put on the front of your Crocs, and they are as functional as they are hilarious.


How perfect that you can put on a pair of thick, comfy socks, and then throw on your Crocs for that snowy walk outside.

These Snowplow Croc Charms run twenty bucks, and you get TWO snowplows — one for each shoe.


They are 3D printed with a sturdy PLA plastic that makes them durable and totally fun.


Gah!! I am totally getting these for the Crocs I got for Christmas. I’m sure to get a laugh or two!


These Snowplow Croc Charms are printed right here in the U.S.A., and perhaps my FAVORITE part — they ship for FREE!


They are also made by Warehouse_33, which is a small business that sells on Amazon.

By purchasing a pair of these Snowplow Crocs Charms, you are supporting the small-business cause.


You can pick up a pair of these Snowplow Crocs Charms on the Amazon website.


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Crocs/ Project Greenhouse

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