Home Depot Is Selling A Giant Anaconda and I Need One For Halloween

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Snakes are usually a big NOPE for me. There is a reason that people have dubbed them Nope Ropes.

But, THIS snake, I have to admit, is pretty awesome. It’s a Halloween yard decoration, and it looks like the snake is slithering it’s way through your yard.

Home Depot is the genius store that is selling this ah-mazing Halloween decoration.

Have you SEEN there supply of Halloween goodies? Gah! I love it all.

This snake is about 38 inches long, depending on how far apart you set up the different parts of its body.

Add detailed decoration to your Halloween lineup with this sculpted Outdoor Anaconda. The eyes of the snake are illuminated by red LED lights for a realistic look. This snake is battery-operated and comes with stakes to setup in your yard for spooky fun.

Home Depot

You can get this giant snake right on the Home Depot website.

It will cost you 80 bucks, and shipping is free! That means getting it is a no-brainer.

You can have this snake delivered to your house, or you have the choice to get it delivered to your local Home Depot. Your choice!

Y’all!! I can’t wait for Halloween this year, and it will be here before you even know it. Have you hit up Bath & Body Works for their Halloween supply of goodies yet. I sure have!!


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