Apparently, Flying Snakes Are Now A Thing And I’m Never Leaving My House Again

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Oh, HELL Nah! I am truly never leaving my house again!!

Courtesy of National Geographic

I can take a lot of things. We’ve ALL had to deal with a lot of things during this Jumanji game we are living in right now.

Courtesy of National Geographic

But, I can’t do snakes. You know what I can’t handle even more than snakes? FLYING SNAKES!

There is a snake in Southeast Asia, and it glides through the air so well, people call it a flying snake.

It better just keep it’s flying wizardly ways right over there in Asia, because we do NOT need it practicing aerial acrobatics over here.

They call it the paradise tree snake, but it is anything but paradise. *Shudder*

Scientists have discovered that the paradise tree snake uses aerial undulation to glide in the wind — which is just a fancy way to say that it, sort of, swims through the air.

How does it do this, you ask. The paradise tree snake can expand it ribs, giving it more surface area for the wind to pick up — wind resistance.

It also moves itself, in a snake-like fashion, and this helps stabilize the snake as it “swims” through the air.

You can check out these “flying snakes” in action below. Good luck – you can’t unsee it!

Now, I have the heebeegeebees, and I’m going to have great nightmares full of floating snakes. Ugh!

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